Top 3 Best Smart Doorbell Cameras in 2017

Top 3 Best Smart Doorbell Cameras in 2017

Ding Dong! Someone is at the door! Who could it be? You smoothly slide your phone in front of you and check your doorbell video feed to see who it is… It’s Jerry!

LEAVE HIM IN THE COLD (in this scenario you hate Jerry).

Smart technology is ever expanding to allow you to know more, see more, and do more with your phone while sitting on your couch, or on vacation somewhere distant. Among the growing popular smart devices of 2017, smart doorbells are becoming increasingly more in demand. Here are the top 3 best video doorbells on the market in 2017.

For this article we chose wifi doorbell cameras that did NOT require a home security system to function or a monthly subscription for basic services. First let’s knock out what all these devices have in common. That way we can get straight to their defining attributes.

ALL THREE of these doorbell cameras have / do the following:

Live Free Video Feed (Only Hardwired Ring Video Doorbells)
Connect to Existing Hardwired Doorbell
Allow Multiple Users
Use Encryption
Support 2.4GHz Wifi Connectivity
Two Way Audio (Listen and speak through camera via app)
Work with iOS AND Android phones
1 Year Warranty

Skybell HD Wifi Video Doorbell

Unique Position: Skybell’s website features ONE product. The Skybell HD Video Doorbell (and some accessories for Skybell, so I still say one product). Video Doorbells is what Skybell does and they do it well. Skybell is ruggedly built for the elements, able to withstand temperatures -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Skybell also promises to send you a new replacement unit if yours is stolen. For the price, Skybell’s wifi Video Doorbell is the best bang for your buck you can get when it comes to doorbell cams and I’ll tell you why.

Skybell Sale Amazon
The Skybell HD Wifi Video Doorbell

Installation: Installing the Skybell HD is pretty straightforward, especially if you are replacing your existing doorbell. If you need to hook up your Skybell to an external power source (16-24VAC), some additional accessories (resistor/diode) will be required.

This one may be somewhat oversimplified, but Skybell provides this 1 minute video for install guidance.

Video Quality: The Skybell comes out of the box sporting 1080p HD video quality and a 180 degree field of view. That combination of viewing angle and resolution make it the best in class for that combination. Additionally, the camera features 5x zoom capability.

Motion Detection: The Skybell HD also includes motion detection. In the settings of your Skybell App, you can get motion sensing alerts straight to your iPhone or Android phone, so even if your visitor doesn’t press the doorbell, you’ll know someone is at your front door. You can then open the app and check the live video feed to see who is there. (Hopefully not Jerry)

Video Storage: Speaking of video, here is another AMAZING feature with Skybell. FREE 7 days of video storage. You can download your videos and keep them to rewatch again at anytime. This is one feature that other home automation companies use to earn a couple extra dollars out of you every month after your purchase.

Nightvision: Skybell doorbell cameras include COLOR nightvision at 1080p. Take my money now, Skybell.

Integration: Skybell works with all the big guys. Works with Nest, Amazon Echo, Honeywell, Kwikset, and more!

Need More Information on Skybell HD?

Do you want the benefits of the best all-around video doorbell on the 2017 market? Great 1080p quality, color nightvision, and wide angle viewing? Then you should:

Check Out Skybell HD Video Doorbell! (CLICK HERE)


Ring Video Doorbell


Unique Position: Ring is a pretty neat company, and they are using their Ring Video Doorbell (amazon) to make big strides in improving your smart home security in a super creative way. Let me explain.Ring wifi Doorbell Camera

In a cool experiment in Los Angeles, Ring installed video doorbells on 10% of the houses in a neighborhood and reduced burglaries by 55% over 6 month period. Thus, Ring Neighborhoods was born.

With Ring Neighborhoods you get notifications when folks in your neighborhood report suspicious activity and you can view their feeds! The feature is still in beta. But it definitely is something cool to keep your eye on and a very awesome Ring exclusive feature!

Installation: Ring doorbell camera can work on any home, regardless of an existing doorbell connection. You can install over existing doorbell wires or if you don’t have doorbell wiring, you can charge the lithium ion battery in the doorbell cam with micro USB and attach it to the wall. Ring’s packaging even comes with the tools you need to help you get started in a little tool pouch.

Video Quality: The Ring Video doorbell features 720p HD video quality and a 180 degree viewing angle. In addition to that, the image quality with Ring sports really great brightness for clear viewing.

Motion Detection: Ring doorbell goes an extra step with smart door bell motion detection, allowing you to highlight “motion zones” within the view of the camera to receive customized alerts. You can even set the detection range as well.

Ring Video Doorbell Motion Zones
With the Ring App, you can set up specific motion zones to monitor movements and get customized notifications from your smart door bell.

Video Storage: Ring offers customers 30 days to trial their video recording features. After that it’s just $3 per month (not bad at all!) and you may store your videos for up to six months. During those six months you can view and download your videos at any time. Remember the live feed is only available if you hardwire your Ring cam.

Nightvision: Ring Video Doorbells use special Infared LEDs to see in the dark and the cameras work exceptionally well in low light.

Integration: Ring doorbell has integrations with a variety of their partners including Wemo, ADT Pulse, Lockstate, Kevo, Wink, Kisi, and Lockitron.

Need More Information on Ring Video Doorbell?

Ring is pushing for awesome interactivity with its video doorbell app. This technology is still in its early years and an investment in one of these smart doorbell cams now could land you in possession of something even more amazing and featured pack a year from now.

Want to get in early on this door cam technology of the future?

Check Out Ring Video Doorbell

(On a related note – you can get all the great features of a Ring Video Doorbell, plus transferrable faceplates and 1080p video quality, out of a Ring Video PRO [must be hardwired]. Pro usually goes for $50 more, but maybe you can catch it for sale on amazon)

August Doorbell Cam

Unique Position: The August Doorbell Cam (amazon) acts as a bridge to other August Home products. Usually, you’d need an August Connect to get your August Home products to go online, but the August Doorbell Cam actually acts as a hub and eliminates the need for the August Connect.

The doorbell cam connects other August Home devices, like the Smart Lock, to each other and the internet. Instead of having to rely solely on integration with other products and services for across the home functionality, August actually has its own entire product line to interact with. August allows you to grant different users permissions to access your home. You can do that indefinitely or for a specific amount of time. (Allow Jerry inside to feed your dogs between 9am and 10pm while you are away. Also track when he unlocked and relocked the door in your August Home app)

August also offers a theft replacement guarantee, similar to Skybell’s. Note, however, that you will be charged $19.99 for shipping and handling.August Doorbell Cam AmazonInstallation: August Doorbell Cam doesn’t require any new wiring. It connects to your existing analog wired doorbell and uses the power from the home. You may connect to external power source (16-24VAC) without a resistor or diode.

Video Quality: In the appropriate lighting situations, August displays clear HD video feed. However, August’s video doorbell suffers with compensation for different light situations.

For instance, when the sun is behind visitors standing in front of the door cam, they appear as silhouettes, and August doesn’t seem to have any sort of dim light adjustment for those kinds of situations. Still, with decent lighting, August provides great looking HD video straight to your iPhone or Android via the August Home app.

Motion Detection: In a similar manner to its competitors, August Doorbell Cam detects motion when people approach, and then sends an alert to your iPhone or Android phone. You can then turn on your video stream in your app and speak with your visitor.

Video Storage: August offers 30 days free recording. After that it is just $4.99 a month or $49.99 for the year. August stores up to 30 days of video recording in their cloud for you to replay. This video can be downloaded and shared.

Nightvision: August Doorbell Cam comes up short in this department. In summation: no night vision. However, if you leave a porch light on, it performs perfectly.

Integration: This is August’s strength. August works with all the big players. It works with nest, Amazon Echo and Alexa, Logitech, Honeywell, and more. Additionally, purchasing an August Doorbell Cam sets you up to fully interface your other August products and expand your August Home arsenal.

August Access Smart Home
Here are some of the different August Access options under the smart home section of their app

Need More Information on August Doorbell Cam?

The August Doorbell Cam doubles as two products for August product owners. It is a Doorbell Cam but also a wifi hub, and relieves the need for an August Connect. Once you install your August Doorbell Cam, you can feel secure that it will work with your existing smart home hubs and devices.

If you already own an August product, you may enjoy this camera over the other options. You’ll just want to keep your front door area well lit in order to get the best experience with your August Doorbell Cam.

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A smart door bell is a great way to provide your home with extra security. Cameras and security systems can start to rack up hundreds of dollars worth of equipment expense and then even more expenses to pay for cloud video storage services.

Think about this: you could pay $200 for a home security camera and then be charged upwards of $30 a month to store and watch the video! Smart door bells offer you an affordable alternative with free or cheap cloud video storage options. Click one of the links below and purchase one of these smart doorbell cameras.

Skybell HD Wifi Video Doorbell (Click Here)

Ring Video Doorbell (Click Here)

August Doorbell Cam (Click Here)