Petnet SmartFeeder Review – For Cats And Dogs

Has leaving your pet alone at home ever ended in disaster? Hopefully not. Last week my girlfriend and I went out of town and it snowed. We were stuck. But my girlfriend had left her dear, dear cat, Jerome, all alone at home. Because of the snow we couldn’t get back to poor Jerome that night to feed him!

Did poor Jerome wither away and turn to dust in our absence? Did my girlfriend have to cry her eyeballs out because her starving cat went insane and tore up all the furniture and drapes?

Lucky for my girlfriend, and Jerome, I’m mildly obsessed with smart devices so I got them a Petnet Smartfeeder (click here) and Jerome didn’t have to starve to death (1 whole night) while we were away.

Petnet Smart Feeder for Cats and Dogs
Now your pets can basically take care of themselves! Not really, but this will make pet owning much, much easier.

Automatic Cat Feeder And Nutritionist / Dietician

The Petnet Smartfeeder it isn’t just a timed food-spitter like other automatic pet feeders. As its name implies, the Petnet Smartfeeder is an interactive, smart pet feeder and goes beyond the role of cat feeder (or dog food dispenser). It transforms you from pet owner to your pet’s “nutritionist.”

The Petnet Smartfeeder is one of the few automatic cat feeders (or dog feeder; it works for dogs too) that works with your smart phone through an app. It’s the app’s cool functionality and features that give you unprecedented control as a pet owner to manage your pet’s diet and adjust your pet’s meals as they grow.

Price, Reviews, and Pics

Instead of just pouring your food into your Smart Feeder and then dispensing it, Petnet actually provides daily meal recommendations based on your pets age and weight.

Again, the smart pet feeder isn’t just for cats, dogs can use it too (though it isn’t recommended for dogs over 50 lbs).

Any Dummy Can Use a Petnet SmartFeeder

Petnet Smart automatic pet feeder How to set up
“Bowl Setup?!” That just means scan the code on your bowl to link it to your app.

This machine is designed to make life simpler. And add another smart device to your home so you can feel like a G.

Just like the above screenshot displays, the steps to set up a Smart Feeder are few and they are really basic. Before you begin you might want to make sure you know your pet’s weight, their age, and your pet food brand.

  1. You set up your bowl by scanning the barcode on your Petnet Smartfeeder
  2. Set your pet profile by entering your pet’s age and weight
  3. Find the foods you feed your pets to get their macronutrient profile.
  4. Connect everything to your wifi so you can manage your pet’s diet and control your Smart Feeder

Easy peasy.

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Stop Feeding Your Pet Like a Normie

Petnet Smartfeeder Food diet daily recommendations for pet
Now you can help your kitten or pup shed those extra pounds with their own nutrition plan

It’s 2017 (unless you are reading this several hundred days from today) and the house of tomorrow is TODAY!

Like I said, the Petnet SmartFeeder is a bit different than your regular automatic pet feeder. With the Smart feeder, you can manage portion sizes and control when your pet gets fed. With the Petnet App, you can:

  • Schedule meals
  • Remotely feed your pet from your phone
  • Receive notifications when food is running low or when your pet has been fed

Pet net even has a “food delivery” feature that brings your pet’s food right to your doorstep, but truth be told I haven’t used it. Let me know how it works for you!

The Smart Feeder allows up to 7 lb food capacity, and will take dry food only. Could you imagine the mess of some slimy wet food trying to slop its way down into the bowl? Petnet Smart Feeder handles portion sizes from 1/16 to 1 1/2 cups and works best with round kibble. This is Petnet’s suggestion. Just try not to have giant biscuit-sized food.

The SmartFeeder also includes a dishwasher safe food hopper, and stainless steel bowl for easy cleaning. Do not leave your Petnet SmartFeeder outside. Maybe somewhere sheltered, just try to keep it out of the elements.

Petnet SmartFeeder has two power sources, which is awesome and convenient. It can run on its own off the built in lithium ion rechargeable battery, but its primary power souce is a little USB port on the back. The lithium ion functions more as a backup battery in the event of a power outage. This way your fur baby doesn’t starve to death if the power runs out. Of course you could always just manually pour food into their bowl if the power runs out, but that’s not nearly as cool.

Petnet Smart Feeder Works With Nest

Some people will think this is totally extra and some will think it’s perfect.

The Petnet Mobile App and SmartFeeder interact with Nest Home products. Basically, this means you can get clips of your pet from your Nest Cam wifi camera in your Petnet Mobile App. This does require an active Nest Aware subscription, but if you already have one it’s a neat little upgrade.

You can check out Nest Cam for sale on Amazon

Doesn’t Your Fur Baby Deserve the Best Automatic Cat Feeder? (Or Dog Under 50 lbs)

When it comes to your pet(s), you probably already spoil them, right? You know you do. That’s what pets are for. You probably buy them cute toys, beds, and all sorts of other stuff. So why not get them something that will improve their health and diet?

Petnet Smartfeeder Daily Meal Plan cats dogs automatic
You might be better at sticking to a diet if you had a people device like the Petnet SmartFeeder

With Petnet’s automatic pet feeder, you are able to plan and track what your pets eat and give yourself a break. If you can’t be at home to feed them right at their usual time, for whatever reason, their diet can still stay on schedule! Also, such as the case of Jerome, the Petnet Smartfeeder takes a bunch of pressure off you if you have to be away from home for more than a day.

If you go the extra step with Nest Cam integration, you can also have peace of mind if you have to be away from your fur baby.

They Grow Up So Fast…

The Petnet Smartfeeder allows you to keep up with your pet’s growth from puppy or kitten, to dog or cat…and automatically feed them regularly scheduled kibble the whole time.

As your pets get older, adjust their diet appropriately to make sure they are getting enough food but not too much. These feeders will keep your animals happy, healthy, and most importantly – fed, at all stages of their life.

The device is made of durable and sturdy plastics. The hopper keeps the excess food safe and contained. Cats can’t even reach their paws up after more food. Just imagine someone trying to reach up a vending machine. Cats actually do this.

Petnet Support is available Monday through Saturday via phone at : 1-855-738-4650. They also use Twitter and encourage users to tweet for quick questions (@petnetiosupport).

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