New 2017 August Smart Lock Review

New 2017 August Smart Lock Review

Never touch your deadbolt locks again! Go back to your 5 year old days. Your deadbolt is lava and your hands must stay away.

August Smart Door Locks (see on amazon) are keyless door locks that communicate with the bluetooth on your iPhone or Android smartphone. They automatically unlock when you approach and allow you to enter your home in stride, without having to fumble for keys or switch your grocery bag hands to grab keys out of your pocket (a practice almost as painful as waterboarding).

August Smart Keyless Door Locks
The little deadbolt gadget that is perfect for apartment renters and Air B&B Hosts!

Who Needs a Smart Lock?

A bunch of folks. My girlfriend can take like ten minutes scouring through her giant “purse” for her keys. Sometimes I can’t be home in time to open the door for friends or family who are visiting from out of town. Who else?

  • A person who has trouble finding their keys.
  • A person who doesn’t want to reach for keys while carrying other stuff
  • An Airbnb host who wants to grant a guest temporary access to a door

The August Smart Lock 2nd Generation (and the generation before it) only replaces the switch on the INSIDE of your dead bolt with a smart switch; your original key still works on the outside. This means the August Smart Lock is one of the few great smart home devices for renters (and the best smart lock for Airbnb hosts)

See What Others Are Saying

Most landlords require that you don’t change your locks so that maintenance and landlords can still use their key to access your unit. That makes August Locks great keyless APARTMENT door locks because you do NOT have to replace your entire deadbolt in order to install the smart lock.

Installing an August Smart Lock only takes a couple minutes. I had the app on my Android and smart lock on my door in a matter of minutes.

August Smart Lock On My Door
This is what an August Smart Lock looks like on my door.

August Lock Installation Video

So how DO you install an August Smart Lock? Easy as pie, that’s how! Installation is a really simple process, actually. See the August Smart Lock installation video below as I install the August Smart Lock in no time.

August Smart Locks are compatible with most existing deadbolts. You’ll notice there aren’t really many pieces to get this thing put together.

How to install August Smart Lock (in a nutshell):

  1. Remove original deadbolt face and two long screws
  2. Line up the included faceplate and screw it into place with the two screws
  3. Select the correct rubber connector that fits your dead bolt
  4. Attach smart lock and clip it into the faceplate

If you need more details, feel free to refer to my unboxing and installation video over and over and over.

That’s it for the physical installation. Next you just download August Home app (Android or iPhone) and connect your August Lock. It does everything automatically after you enter your information and verify yourself via email and text delivered codes (2 step verification).

August App Set Up Lock Screen
August Walks You Through the Set Up of Your Smart Lock Step By Step
August Home Verification
Just enter some basic information and follow the two step verification process (email and text)

Top Keyless Entry Door Locks

There are some cool benefits to grabbing August Smart Locks over other types of devices.

Lock and unlock your doors with an iPhone / Android with Bluetooth

August Smart Locks are compatible for both Android and iPhones. All you need is a bluetooth connection. For more advanced features with wifi connectivity, you can use an Apple TV or August Connect to link your lock to the internet. More on converting your August locks to wifi in a moment.

Quick Installation = Portability

I’ll admit, the first time I tried to install my lock I put the included mounting plate on upside down. Then I had to unscrew it and turn it over. After that, it took me about 5 minutes to install my August Smart Locks, which means that they can actually be switched from door to door with relative ease. You may want to move the smart lock to a shed or back door or something so people can let themselves in without keys.

Grant Access to Paid Guests (Like AirB&B) Friends, and Family Members

Control who can access your home. Grant permanent and temporary keys to guests, and other residents. Know when and who locks and unlocks the August Lock with a 24/7 activity log.

August Home Received Invite Airbnb
When Someone receives an invite to access an August Smart Lock, they can use text or their Airbnb

No Need to Rekey Your Locks

Your phone is all you need to get in and out of your home with the August Smart Lock. If you want or need to for any reason, you can still unlock your deadbolt from the outside with your keys because the smart lock doesn’t replace the entire dead bolt. You can still turn the August Lock manually to latch and unlatch the deadbolt from inside as well.

This is cool because you can change who can get in and out of your house with timed permissions, and you never have to exchange a single key (Looking at Airbnb hosts again).

Convert from Bluetooth to Wifi Locks with August Connect Accessory and Access

Your August Smart App allows you to lock and unlock your doors using your phone. To convert your Smart Lock from a bluetooth lock to a wifi lock you can pick up an August Connect.

With the August Connect Accessory you can connect your August Smart Lock to the internet and a plethora of other devices. You can unlock your doors anytime, anywhere. And you can connect your lock to interact with a ton of other smart devices.

For Apple users, your Apple TV (3rd generation or higher) works as a hub so you don’t need an August Connect.

August Access Featured
You can see some of the apps August Home interacts with on their August Access Tab
August Access Smart Home
There are a few more different August Access options under the smart home section

Works with Amazon Echo and Alexa

You can use the August Home Skill with Alexa to lock your doors or ask to see if your doors are locked. This is pretty great if you are already in bed and don’t want to get up to check your locks with your eyeballs. This of course will require an Amazon Echo (on amazon) or other Alexa equipped device, as well as the August Connect.

With Alexa you can Ask August to:

  • List your locks
  • Check the front door
  • Lock the front door.

Works with Homekit and Siri

With Apple’s HomeKit feature, you can just tell Siri what command you would like to perform. Homekit is fairly new so you can expect this functionality to get even more convenient and packed full of features as time passes.

Here is a list of things you can ask Siri about your August Smart Lock as of writing this.

August Works with nest

Nest still holds a strong position in the connected home market and August nest integration is available. Combine August Smart Lock with your Nest Cam and you can view recorded video of people entering your home after your door unlocks. Similar capabilities can be used for August Doorbell Cam.

For even greater convenience, you can use your August Smart Lock to change your Nest Learning Thermostat to home or away mode every time you unlock your door. The Nest App and August App communicate so you can even view your home’s temperature in the August Home app.

Logitech Harmony

Combine August and Harmony to automate your deadbolt locks. Set your Bedtime Activity to automatically power off your WeMo lights, adjust your nest thermostat temperature, and tell August to lock your deadbolts. Logitech Harmony products can also integrate with the August Smart Lock from around the home or remotely.

August Access also has a separate option for Logitech Pop, which allows you to control your home with the push of a button.

Take your Smart Lock Features Even Further with IFTTT

With IFTTT, smart home automation features and functionality are endless. IFTTT allows you to link virtually any smart device action to cause another. You can use IFTTT to make just about ANYTHING happen when your Smart Lock detects your arrival or when you leave.

IFTTT has a recipe for August Smart Lock to turn my Hue Lights on when I arrive home.

Or you can link August Lock to Google Drive to keep record of all the people who use their digital locks in a spreadsheet.

Smart Locks that Appreciate in Value

A one time investment in an August Smart Lock automates your home’s locks and offers a bridge to other possibilities with its ever-growing interactivity via August Access.

We’ve covered some awesome connections above, but August has other great products that will of course interact with each other for your home. Such products as:

If you really want the remote lock capability with August Smart Lock, you can pick up an August Connect to connect your lock to wifi.

August Support Responds in 24 Hours

You do get a limited 1-year warranty, which protects against defects in the course of normal use, which is fairly standard these days. But the support page August offers isn’t too shabby.

On their support page, August has a quick navigation for most difficulties you could encounter with each of your August Smart Home products.

August Support has categories broken into:

  • Faq for Each August Product
  • General Questions
  • Installation Questions
  • iOS App Questions
  • Android App Questions

Each item is then broken down further for you to browse for your specific troubleshooting issue. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the articles provided, August offers the option to email their customer support. Their support team responds in 24 hours. (To test I sent a general inquiry and they responded next day)

Finally, August offers the following phone support (844-284-8781) during the following hours:

  • Mon-Fri 6:30AM – 8:00PM Pacific
  • Sat-Sun 9AM – 6PM Pacific

Check Out August Smart Locks For Yourself

August Smart Locks are a great fit for ANY door, including apartments. This is due to their ease of installation, basic functionality, and portability.

August Locks continue to grow in popularity as connected home technology develops and becomes more commonplace. August has a great relationship with Apple (among some other big players) that position them to do really well in the 2017 smart home market, and their homekit integration will take them even further as the technology evolves.

Don’t wait around. Check out the new August Smart Locks today and get in on the experience for yourself!

Buy An August Smart Lock Today!

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  1. I love my August lock- I like how I can, for example, make sure my door is locked when I’m at work. The entry log I get on my phone also helps to keep my sons in check- I know when they come in and out of the door, so if I tell them to be home by a certain time, I’ll know if they did or not! One word of caution- be careful with the autolock. I’ve accidentally locked myself out when I left my phone inside, went out to go get the mail, and went to check on something outside. I got locked out “without my key”. Luckily, I was able to use a neighbor’s phone to call and unlock it.

    1. Me too! My girlfriend is obsessed with mine- she’s definitely jealous of most of my gadgets.

      That’s a really good point about the auto lock. I don’t really use the that feature. I still like to retain control over the device and I like to manually lock and unlock it with my phone.

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