How George Seduces Girls with a WeMo Light Switch

How George Seduces Girls with a WeMo Light Switch

You don’t have to spend big money on dinner and flowers to impress. You don’t even have to leave your house.

My friend had just got his own bachelor pad and invited me over to watch the game. Let’s call him George. Not too long after I arrived I had to use the restroom. “Which one’s the bathroom?” I asked. “Just look down the hall,” George said. I poked my head around the corner and just then I saw light shine from under one of the hall doors. Completely out of nowhere. There was no light. And then there was. Was someone else there?

It Was Like Magic

I had no idea what to make of it. I looked back at George, bewildered. He smiled a giant, satisfied grin. “What the hell is that?” I asked. “How did that happen?” He played coy for a while.

George told me his house was a mind reader. That it had heard me. Then he admitted that houses listening to people was completely ridiculous and told me that of course it was actually a ghost. After toying with me a little longer he revealed that he turned on his bathroom light via a phone app.

George had a WeMo Light Switch in his bathroom so that he could turn the lights on and off from an app on his phone. He actually had invested in about a dozen of them when he bought his new house, turning it into a WeMo home.

WeMo Light Switch wifi smart home
It looks like any other light switch, sort of. But what it does is so much cooler!

No Wonder The Ladies Were Impressed

George spoke to his Amazon Echo (amazon) and said, “Alexa, turn off all the lights,” and everything went dark in the living room. He turned them back on. He started turning on and off different things all over the house. All while smiling on his couch. I was stunned. It was so cool.

I wasn’t the first person to be wowed by his WeMo home. George said anytime he ever had a date over, they would be equally amazed by the house that took orders from him. So of course I wanted some and I found out that WeMo Light Switches are actually widely available for anyone, it’s just that a lot of people don’t know about them yet.

See What Others Are Saying

Anyone Can Have A WeMo Light Switch

Installing a WeMo light switch takes about 15 minutes to do. There are hordes of tutorials on YouTube that will hold your hand and gracefully guide even the most ametuer do-it-yourselfer through the process with ease.

Once installed into the wall, simply connect it to your wifi, download the free app, then start controlling your switches from anywhere in the world!

Don’t come home to a dark house.
Don’t wake up in a dark house.
Don’t walk around in a dark house.
No matter what you’re carrying!

WeMo Light Switches don’t work with metal faceplates, as it messes with the switch’s wi-fi connection.

Your Light Switch Does What?

Schedule Your Stuff to Come on When You Want

The scheduling feature is one of my favorite features of the WeMo Light Switch. With this kind of control over your WeMo product you can schedule:

Fans to turn on or turn off while you sleep
Any devices plugged into switch-controlled outlets
Porch lights to already be on when you arrive home after work
Your lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise (Just enter your city in the WeMo App)

WeMo Light Switch Works with Nest Thermostat and Alexa

Your Nest Thermostat can tell when you are away from your WeMo home, and your WeMo Light Switches can be set to turn off when Nest Thermostat goes into Away Mode.

WeMo also works with Alexa, so you can tell WeMo what to do with your Amazon Echo or Dot, or Tap!

IFTTT Recipes

IFTTT (If This Then That) allows you to set up awesome recipes with applets that give you amazing control over your WeMo product. My favorite IFTTT applet for the WeMo Light Switch is: “If I lose my phone, call it with a long press of my WeMo Light Switch.”


2nd runner up IFTTT favorite: “Blink the lights when your favorite team starts a game.”

Lighting That’s Helpful For Kids and the Elderly

If you are a parent, a WeMo product can be pretty useful. Your WeMo Light Switch can help play babysitter, turning on and off kid’s devices and lights at certain times.

The additional control is FANTASTIC for elderly relatives who have trouble getting around the house. My granny had both of her knees replaced and getting up and down to do small things was a pain. WeMo Light Switches offered a HUGE benefit for her.

Cool, Convenient, and Doesn’t Break the Bank

WeMo light switches bring a new level of control to your home. Frankly, they are cool. And because not many people have them, they will wow virtually anybody who discovers them in your house. Including any dates you have over.

WeMo App for smart wifi enabled Light Switch
The movie is about to start. You and your date are nestled on the couch. You left a light on! Whip out your WeMo app and presto, dark house.

Aside from cool points, WeMo switches are practical. They work with both Apple and Android devices.

The scheduling feature is nice for automating your home. WeMo Switches also really help with track lights or fixtures that have switches in awkward places.

Once you have installed your WeMo Light Switches, being able to control your light switches without having to move around will come in handy more often than you’d think.

WeMo Light Switches usually retail right around $50.00. At that price, it wouldn’t break the bank to purchase just one and give it a try.

Install a WeMo Switch in one of your most used rooms; Let’s say your living room. Then play with the cool functionality and explore the unique features it offers.

Pair it with your Alexa device and give it commands. If you like it, you can always expand your collection and even add some WeMo Insight Switches to make your common appliances into “smart” appliances.

24/7 Live Support

WeMo is a Belkin product and their customer support center is available via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also opt for a 24/7 Live Chat option as well.

Belkin also has a FAQ page on their site for each of their products and a community forum.

Try Out a WeMo Light Switch For Yourself!

A WeMo switch is a low-cost investment that can wow your friends, impress the ladies, and just make your life generally easier. If you have any interest in smart home tech, it’s a no brainer to at least pick one up and give it a try.

Click the button below and order one today!

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P.S. If you absolutely do not want to install a WeMo Light Switch, even though they make it very easy on you, you may be interested in the WeMo Insight Switch. The WeMo Insight Switch transforms your wall power outlets into “smart” outlets. The WeMo Insight Switch plugs right into a wall outlet. You then plug your device into the WeMo Insight Switch and you can control the power with your phone or voice. The WeMo Insight Switch even feeds you reports on power consumption via your WeMo App.