Electric Bill Too High? Conserve Electricity with a Nest Thermostat

Electric Bill Too High? Conserve Electricity with a Nest Thermostat

Imagine it’s a day like any other day, except for one special thing that you know is waiting for you in the mail. You can’t wait to get home and find it, open it, and then marvel at the contents. Really, you just want to open it so you can snap a picture on your phone and send it to your friends, then gloat about what an absolutely genius move you’ve made.

This piece of mail is a monthly envelope you used to hate seeing, which makes it all the sweeter that you made one smart decision and now you look forward to opening it! So what is this special piece of mail? Your electric bill.

“I’ll Be Looking Forward To My WHAT?”

Wait. Nobody looks forward to their electric bills…or do they? If you’ve ever grumbled that your electric bills are too high, wouldn’t you be excited to see a 10-12% reduction in your heating bills and approximately 15% lower air conditioning costs? Because that’s exactly what the revolutionary Nest Thermostat offers.

Think about this: Your thermostat accounts for about 50% of your electric bills – even more than your appliances and other electronics. So there is greater opportunity to save money. So how does the Nest Thermostat save money on electricity?

Nest Learning Thermostat Save on Electricity
Electric Bill Too High? This little gadget will put HUNDREDS of dollars in your pocket

The Nest Thermostat is a smart, or learning, thermostat, that adjusts its settings automatically, as soon as you install it. This awesome feature is simply labeled, “Auto-Schedule.”

Basically, Nest recognizes the temperatures you like as you select them and programs itself. The whole process takes only about a week! After that, you don’t have to bother with your thermostat very much at all. Just wait for the savings to start rolling in.

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Why Even Get a “Learning” Thermostat?

The Nest Thermostat separates itself from traditional thermostats in a number of ways. Not only does it have adaptive temperature settings, this “learning” feature also puts money back into your pocket by consuming far less energy; something old school thermostats just can’t do.

Additionally, the thermostat has an away mode that automatically turns the Nest Thermostat to an Eco Temperature whenever you aren’t home. This will conserve electricity, consuming even less energy, and save you more money on your electric bill.

Nest Learning Thermostat Saves on Electricity and makes you money
Actual Photo of You Just Months after Nest Thermostat Purchase

The Nest Thermostat is Extremely Easy to Set Up and Use

The best smart home devices are ones that integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle. They don’t cost time or effort, and they don’t force you to change your habits. The Nest Thermostat is a real “set it and forget it,” kind of device.

Install takes minutes. Literally minutes. And not like 59 minutes. More like 20 minutes. According to Nest, most people install the unit in 30 minutes or less. Based on my own personal research, I’ve seen people report they installed it in 10 minutes flat. Results may vary, I suppose. In the event you need any help, you can call Nest’s 24/7 support. (They tweet too @nestsupport).

Once installed, simply set the temperatures the way you like, just like you would for any other thermostat. After about a week of use, Nest Thermostat will adapt to follow your patterns on its own. That’s it. It costs you little time, effort, and saves you money on energy consumption. You can play with the features on the Nest app, which can be installed on multiple devices.

Nest Thermostat’s Unique Features

I’ve harped on all the automatic features that the Nest Thermostat offers, like auto schedule and away mode. However, if you’d like more control, Nest Thermostat has even more great stuff for you. For instance:

  • Monitor and track your energy usage and history with the Nest App to see how much you use and why. Right on your phone!
  • Connect your Nest Thermostat to your wifi network and you can control it from any smart device, (your phone, tablet, or even laptop) at any time, no matter where you are!
  • Look for the leaf icon. The Nest Leaf gives you more control to conserve electricity by guiding you to the most energy efficient setting. Just look for the Nest Leaf to appear when setting your temperature.
  • Nest Thermostat also works with voice assistants, like Google and Alexa by Amazon. Meaning you can use your Amazon Echo or even your Google Home to voice control your thermostat.

Even More Cool Benefits

Alerts. The Nest Thermostat will alert you if temperatures drop so low the pipes could burst. It will also notify you if something indicates that your furnace is acting up.

Smart Product Compatibility. Nest products are designed to work with other smart home devices. Therefore, they can even work with lights, locks, and other smart devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Of course they are compatible with other Nest products like your Nest Cam.

Also, Nest Thermostat can  tell when you leave home, and will inform your other devices, like your Philips Hue Light Bulbs.

Away Mode. Let’s say you live in one of those states with crazy daily temperatures. In the afternoon it could be in the 70’s and then fall to the 20’s in the evening. The Nest Thermostat allows you to set temperature thresholds for hot and cold weather, allowing for your AC to run when appropriate, and automatically switch to heat when appropriate, without you having to do anything or even be at home.

Nest learning thermostat Away Mode knows how to reduce your electricity bill
Set Custom Temperature Ranges To Conserve Electricity AND Keep Your House Comfortable

In the event of a big storm and you think your home may be affected by a power outage while you are away, you can use the Nest app on your phone to see if the thermostat responds. This way you can plan ahead before you get home and find you don’t have electricity or any way to prepare food.

If you live in a cold area you can turn the heat up when you are within a few miles of your home so you don’t have to come back to a cold house.

The Nest Thermostat lights up when people approach it, so units installed in corridors and hallways make great nightlights.

Nest’s Money Making Thermostat

Let’s say your monthly electricity bill is about $200. Now let’s also say for some reason the Nest Thermostat only saves you 10% on energy, which is lowballing the usual statistics. After a month of using a Nest Thermostat, your bill should drop to $180, a savings of $20. In one year you will have saved $240 and the thermostat will have essentially paid for itself (The Nest Learning Thermostat usually retails at $250). And that’s with the low end of efficiency you can achieve with the Nest Thermostat.

With $240 in savings you can pick up some new sunglasses. Or a fitbit or smart watch. Or a new Keurig. Maybe get a new Xbox game for your kids or yourself. Go to a football game. Challenge someone to a $240 arm wrestling match. There’s all kinds of neat stuff you can do with $240. The Nest Thermostat is the gift that keeps on giving, year after year.

2 Year Warranty and 24/7 Support

The Nest Thermostat comes with a 2 year Limited Warranty. Oh by the way, Google owns Nest, so you know it’s going to be the best quality!
Nest support is available 24/7 if you have any questions at any time. (https://nest.com/support/contact-us/) Also, for simpler questions, you can tweet Nest at @nestsupport.

Nest Support stays on top of things. They are always taking and responding to customer feedback. For instance, the 2nd generation of Nest Thermostats would only display the set temperature when you approached. It wouldn’t tell you the CURRENT temperature, just what you had the temperature set to. This made a lot of people frustrated.

Nest listened to its customers and updated this in the 3rd generation, allowing you to display the set temperature, the current temperature, and the time of day.

Get Your Nest Learning Thermostat Today!

Nest Thermostats are available on Amazon. You’ve read this far, seen all the useful benefits and features, and you know it’s going to save you money. Why are you even still here? Click the button below right now, buy a Nest Learning Thermostat, and start saving on your electric bills already.

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