As you know, there are plenty of different smart home devices available on the market in 2017. We can look and find all kinds of different varieties of gadgets, cameras, tools, thermostats, you name it. But we want to share with you the very best in home automation available and let you know why this new technology is so great.

If you go shopping for smart home tech at Wal Mart or some knockoff outlet, you’re bound to spend a bunch of money and receive a very low value for your purchase. Shopping at Wal Mart, or what have you, may seem like the way to go, at first. The Wal Mart guys might be cheap in the short run, but buying discount home automation products will end up costing you more in the long run when you have to replace poorly made products again and again. Not to mention, if you are buying for your home security you are putting your well being at risk. Who wants to be in the middle of vacation and notice one of their cameras back home is busted, dead, or just not cooperating? It might prompt you to jet home in a flash, even if your house was actually fine.

At, it is my hope to become your go-to adviser for your next smart device purchase as you explore the world of the connected home. By providing detailed product reviews and guides to smart devices and connected homes in general, I wish to impart to you the general knowledge that equips you with enough knowledge to make the right buying decision in the exciting world of home automation. This site will truly be a success if you take the information you found here and put together an amazing connected home.

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