6 Reasons Why Liberty Safelert is INFERIOR to Nest Cam for Gun Safe Monitoring

6 Reasons Why Liberty Safelert is INFERIOR to Nest Cam for Gun Safe Monitoring

My family lives in the south, near several military bases. Therefore, many of our friends and all of our family have concealed carry permits. We are packing heat 24/7. My dad, my little sister, even my granny carries (I’m not joking).

My dad has a pretty sweet and expanding gun collection. He asked me what I thought of the Liberty Safelert Gun Safe Alarm System for his gun safes because I’m more “up on all this tech stuff.” Well, I looked it over online and told him there was NO WAY I would recommend a Liberty Safelert for his gun safe security system.

Liberty Safelert Gun Safe Monitoring Security System
Little safe security device – TONS of features

First, I should preface this whole thing with two critical notes:

  1. I do not own a Liberty Safelert.
  2. Based on reviews, Safelert looks like a sound product that does EXACTLY what it says.

Even still, I do NOT recommend Safelert for my father. Why not? I already admitted it looks like a quality product. Allow me to explain.

There are inherent monitoring limitations that make a Liberty Safelert a no-go for me. First, let’s talk about what Liberty Safelert CAN do so you can better understand its limits and why I won’t recommend one for your gun safe security systems.

The Safelert security device goes right inside your gun safe (or whatever type of safe) and sends you all sorts of cool notifications straight to your phone when certain triggers are…triggered. Therefore, Liberty Safelerts safe monitoring system requires wi-fi to work (not a limitation; this is expected).

Liberty Safelert Gun Safe Monitor will Alert Safe Owners When:

  • Your safe door opens and closes. Plain and simple.
  • There is a loss of wireless internet connection. Liberty Safelert system is always monitoring connectivity, and rechecks it once every hour.
  • Battery life alarms trigger. Safelert will let you know when your safe accessory needs new batteries via an alert that goes straight to your phone.
  • Humidity sensor reaches certain levels. You just set your desired high and low trigger points and Safelert alerts you when those trigger points are met.
  • Home safes are moved. A built in motion sensor triggers safe alarms if there is movement, meaning someone is tampering with your safe or trying to remove it.
  • Hot or cold trigger temperatures are reached. A heat sensor in Liberty Safelerts notifies you when temperatures go beyond your preset range, notifying you in case of fire.

Seems pretty nifty right? Safelert also has a free app on Google Play and Apple App Store. Liberty Safelert retails for about $199 (amzn).

Safelert’s Monitoring Limits and a Home Security Alternative – Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

You want to protect your safe’s contents, which is understandable. For my father, it is his guns and some other things. I proposed that INSTEAD of a Liberty Safelert he pick up a Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera (amazon).

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera
This little sucker is like total home security and more.

Safelert Limitation #1 – Home Security Monitoring Scope 

Liberty Safelert can only monitor activity regarding your safe. You buy safe alert to protect your safe. But what if you could pay $199 (or less) and protect your safe, your computer, your jewelry boxes, your desk, and everything NEAR your safe?

Nest Cam Solution #1 – With a single Nest Cam, you could monitor your gun safe AND everything around it. “But what about alerts regarding my safe?” Easy. You simply set an Activity Zone on your Nest Cam display for your gun safe. This just requires you draw a box around your safe on your screen. Then you label that box “safe.” If there is any movement within the box drawn around the safe, Nest Cam sends you a custom alert for the “safe” activity zone. You can have up to 4 activity zones per Nest Cam.

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Safelert Limitation #2 – False alarms

If one of your Safelert sensors is miscalibrated and fires off a false alarm, you really wouldn’t know or have any way to handle it. You would just have your alarm for humidity, motion, or what have you. Then you have to decide on the appropriate action on faith of the notification.

Nest Cam Solution #2 – Check in on your alarms. No electronic device is guaranteed exempt from a misfire. If my dad’s Nest Cam sends an alert to his phone, false or true, he simply opens his Nest App on his phone, tablet, or PC, and can see what triggered the alert in real time. Then he can take appropriate action. Which brings me right to limitation #3.

Safelert Limitation #3 – Alarms System Interactivity

Safelert communication is unilateral. It sends you a message, and you get no other feedback. It’s like when someone sends you a text and it just says, “call me.” You don’t know what the hell is going on.

Let’s say Safelert works perfectly. What do you do? If your heat sensor triggers, you can call the fire department. The door or motion sensor goes off, you can call the cops. If the cops don’t arrive in time or it’s a false alarm, you’re left no wiser on what, or who, caused the alarm to trigger.

Nest Cam Solution #3 – Nest App. If it was a burglar, fire, or a false alarm that triggers an alert, Nest Cam provides video evidence as well as further options for actions. If it’s a burglar triggering your activity zone, open your Nest App and look at the guy. Is he wearing a mask? Do you know him? Nest Cam has night vision and 1080p display, so you can get a good look at your intruder. Even if he has yet to tamper with the safe.

Nest Cam allows you to see and hear what is happening through your Nest App. You can can also talk through your camera using your phone. Warn the burglar. “I see you, and I’ve called the cops. You should leave now!” If you have a Nest Outdoor Cam, you can take down his license plate number or vehicle description. Nest Cam gives you more options if an alarm is triggered than Liberty Safelert.

liberty home safes safe accessory safelert
You want all your valuables protected. But how should you accomplish that?

Safelert Limitation #4 – Power source

Safelert uses AA batteries. It’s cool that you get a notification when they are running low, but you better hope they don’t run out while you’re at your summer home or on a week-long vacation.

Nest Cam Solution #4 – Wired power. Nest Cams plug into your wall. So no worries of security systems with batteries running out on you while you’re away.

Safelert Limitation #5 – Accessory Scalability

This ties back to limitation #1. You can buy one Liberty Safelert device and protect one safe. That’s it. The Liberty Safelert’s purpose is fulfilled. Nothing more can be gained from it. It is a safe accessory. Buy another Safelert if you want to monitor another safe, but again, that’s all it can monitor.

Nest Cam Solution #5 – Add more Nest Cams. With Nest Cam, one can function on its own, or you can continually expand your arsenal. All Nest Cams will link to the Nest App without a hub and can be monitored on virtually any device with an internet connection; your phone, tablet, or PC.

Safelert Limitation #6 – Costs

The Safelert retails for $199 and has all the aforementioned limitations. Their app is free.

Nest Cam Solution #6 – Nest Cam retails for $199 (as of right now you can pick one up on Amazon for $189) and resolves all the aforementioned limitations.

Liberty Safelert Versus Nest Cam

For the 6 different reasons listed above, I recommend that my father, and everybody else, grab a Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera over a Liberty Safelert Gun Safe Alarm System.

Check Out The Nest Cam

Check Out Liberty Safelert

P.S. You can learn a whole bunch more about Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera here.